About Us

Age Medical Group, under the management of Çilem Yaş, has adopted the principle of service that focuses on customer demands and does not compromise on quality with its experience of more than 15 years in the health sector.

Production of medical products and marketing of products in the wholesale market, our company is advancing firmly in the sector with the support of Kosgeb Women Entrepreneurs. Besides our goal of being a pioneer company in the health sector, we wish to add value to our country.

Our company, with full production and registration documents, offers wholesale or retail sales services of medical supplies. The medical needs of healthcare personnel are also met by providing production and sales services of materials such as shoe covers and bonnets that all healthcare personnel need.

Our Mission

We have adopted the same quality service understanding as a principle for all our customers with our honest, educated personnel who have adopted quality and assurance as a principle and have been applying the production and supply chains in the most successful way since our first day.

Our Vision

Our effort to create 100% customer satisfaction, without compromising the quality standards of the medical products we produce, and to create satisfied customers with a solution-oriented approach in every possible way, continues.

Our Quality Policy

We achieve our goals by adhering to our environmental friendly, 100% recyclable products equipped with modern equipment, in accordance with quality and environmental policies, and without compromising our standards.